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Lara Jarjoura

Lara Jarjoura

Vice President – Operations

JND Legal Administration

With more than 13 years in the legal administration industry, Lara brings a broad understanding of Consumer, Securities and Government cases to her role as Vice President at JND. Working closely with teams within the organization, Lara is a detail-oriented leader who has a passion for identifying solutions.

During her career, Lara has held key leadership roles on hundreds of legal administrations involving consumer class actions, securities litigations, SEC Fair Funds and DOJ Remissions Programs. Her experience includes vital roles in matters such as the $500 million Toyota Economic Loss Settlement Fund, the $589 million Western Union Remission and multiple actions against Charles Schwab YieldPlus Funds totaling $345 million.

In addition to her success in settlement administration, Lara has demonstrated specific prowess in fraud detection. In her eight years as Audit Manager, she developed and deployed process improvements to recognize data anomalies and better identify fraudulent activity. 

Lara graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business and holds an Associate degree in Applied Accounting from College of Marin.

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