JND’s patented eDiscovery analytics application, LayerCake™, is an efficiency multiplier for plaintiff and defense.

What LayerCake Does

LayerCake automatically ranks documents based on relevance. The most relevant documents in a set are quickly identified and promoted for immediate review while irrelevant and privileged documents are demoted.

How It Works

Users select criteria from existing Relativity tools, such as keyword searching, Analytics, AI, and Communication Analysis and submit them into LayerCake, creating “layers”. As users submit layers into LayerCake, the application automatically calculates a priority ranking for each document. After only a matter of hours, the entire population of documents can be ranked from high to low in terms of relevance.

LayerCake offers unique benefits for corporations, as it is uniquely adept at finding privileged, confidential or PII materials that need to be withheld, mitigating the risk of exposing sensitive information.

Time and Cost Efficiencies Gained

The setup time required to use LayerCake is a matter of hours, as opposed to weeks for alternative workflows like Active Learning, and clients typically see a 50% reduction in documents requiring eyes-on review. For privilege screening, LayerCake performs as well or better than other AI-based privileged identification tools, with just a few hours of upfront legwork, as opposed to days or weeks of set-up for other AI-based models.


JND eDiscovery has been a Relativity Partner of Record since 2014